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Homme contemplant le ciel et la voie lactée

Humanity is the only species
to endanger the planet...

Better understanding and managing our behaviors is a matter of survival

The human factor

is today a

risk factor

For example: depending on the behaviors we adopt collectively,

the temperature will rise

1.5 to 4.5°C

Réchauffement climatique - Trajectoires des temperatures - EcoAct 2020
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Because our ignorance of ourselves is a peril

for our future...

Give us the means to understand us better, identify and act on the real levers of the Human Factor at the heart of all transitions

(ecological, economic, social, educational, professional, institutional, cultural...)

We bet on the human

(or GIECO in French)
is the International Panel on Behavior Change

Logo IPBC (International Panel on Behavior Change)

Brain and Behavioral Sciences 

detiealready have key knowledge on the brakes and levers of change in individual and collective behavior.

However, these are not sufficiently interconnected, shared and applicable in our daily lives to describe the conditions for a relevant, massive and rapid evolution of our societies.

This is why the IPBC aims to accelerate scientific progress and practical transfer.

The Alliance supports the IPBC, helps it to better target the priorities on the ground and develops its impact with all the players in our societies, on a planetary scale. 

Terre vue de l espace

A manifesto bearing this intention was signed by
+ than 1,000 scientists
of 70 disciplines
and 76 countries

The scientific and societal missions of the IPBC

cross all behavioral disciplines,

bring the knowledge of the human factor to all

to facilitate the behavioral changes individual/collective

and bring out a structurally sustainable and desirable society.

To carry out our mission,
we need you!

I give


Alliance for the IPBC,

supported by women and men from all walks of life

Logo Alliance pour le GIECO

Supporting the Alliance means ensuring the sustainability and the independence, the relevance and the efficiency scientific work of the IPBC. 

This unprecedented initiative is the only one on the scale of the issues and the solutions.

Join the Alliance for the IPBC

You are...

a business decision maker

You are...

an institution

or a foundation

You are...

another social actor

Members of the Alliance for the IPBC testify:

Stéphanie Foucard

Stéphanie Foucard, Mobilization and Engagement Director, CITEO

To support economic players in producing, distributing and consuming differently, we work on all dimensions of behavior change.

Michèle Raunet

Michèle Raunet, Managing Director of CHEUVREUX NOTAIRES

Support public authorities and local authorities in mobilizing owners to massively transform real estate without going through authoritarian laws.

LSDH homme.jpeg

Jean-Baptiste Leroy, Marketing Manager, LSDH

To build a virtuous ecosystem and move from a logic of transition to a logic of transformation, companies must integrate the Human Factor throughout their value chain.

Johanna Abbou

Johanna Abbou,


To keep our territories habitable, we have chosen a Research-Action approach bringing together researchers, companies and local authorities – in order to better anticipate the issues and imagine the projects that are or will be launched regionally.

The founding members of the Alliance

Logo membres fondateurs_221125.png

invite you to support the IPBC in your turn, individually or as part of your organization:

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